• How long has Maiden Lane been in business?

    The company now named Maiden Lane was founded in 2012.

  • Where is Maiden Lane located?

    Our company headquarters are located in New York City. We are a wholesale producer of jewelry, and have no physical store locations; we sell our products and Aspiri cut diamonds to independent jewelry retailers. When visiting your local independent jewelry store, be sure to ask for the Aspiri diamond by Maiden Lane.

  • When did Maiden Lane become a public company?

    Maiden Lane became a public company in 2013 through a self-registration of its shares.

  • What is Maiden Lane’s fiscal year?

    Maiden Lane’s fiscal year is for the twelve months ended May 31.

  • Do you offer a direct stock purchase plan or can I buy shares directly from Maiden Lane?

    You can purchase Maiden Lane through any registered broker. Maiden Lane does not offer a direct stock purchase plan.

  • Do you pay a dividend?

    We have not paid any cash dividends on our common stock since inception. Any future determination to pay dividends will be at the discretion of our board of directors.

  • How can I receive news updates about Maiden Lane?

  • How can I receive an annual report? A proxy statement?

    All of our financial reports are available online. Click here to see our reports.